Ollie – Umbrella Cockatoo – Dk79 – Companion bird

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Requirements – female primary carer

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Umbrella
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Lancashire
City/Town: Bolton


Hello, my name is Ollie although my safehouse mum calls me Olivander if I am not behaving. I am an Umbrella Cockatoo only 19 years young. I came to my Safehouse in the beginning of the lockdown and I am doing great. I love playing with all my toys and getting crazy at the tree that they have build for me. I was a bit shy in the beginning but after few days I decided that my Safehouse Mum is nice and that I can trust her.

I say few words – will greet you with “halo”! and will argue with you when excited. If I begin to like you, I might even tell you ”Hello lovely” or that ”I love you”. I know a few tricks and I will step up, I can do a wave with my left foot, turn around on the perch and I am learning to spread my wings. I am very quick learner so If that is something you want to do; we will have a lot of fun together. I will do a lot for sunflower seeds and pine nuts, but dried banana and papaya are my favourite. I do not like nuts though.

Mum said I needed a healthier diet and to start with I was not very happy about this as I loved my seeds. But now I love my breakfast, chop with my favourite sweet potato that my mum always heats for me. The pellets are also good, and I like to munch it also during the day sometimes.

I love taking shower, my favourite is when it is sunny and then I can get fully soaked. I like to go into shower room as well but that took a bit of time to get used to the bathroom. I do not like to be left alone in my room and I will let you and everyone who has ears know about it. I know that sometimes mum needs to go to work and then I will only scream to her in my words to wish her luck and that she must be careful. I must be loud so she can hear me from the car, then I am quiet throughout the day. I like to say goodbye to the sun before I go to my sleeping cage for the night.

I love my Safehouse mum very much and would love to sit on her lap all day and be cuddled, although she only touches my head because I get very hormonal if you cuddle me under the wings. I do not like my Safehouse dad, I believe that mum is only mine and will show him how big I can get with my amazing crest and spread wings. I will take any chance to chase him across the floor and nip his feet. I was clipped by my previous mum so I cannot fly although I try now and again if I am scared or want to attack my dad.

My mum says that I need to find someone who will have more time for me and a lot of patience. When I learn to trust you, we will be the best friends and I will even allow you to trim my nails without a problem. I am a great bird and my Safehouse Mum would love to keep me, but she is changing jobs and moving so cannot take me with her. It is the right time for me to find my forever person.

I am in Lancashire, but my Safehouse Mum said she will travel with me if my new Mum cannot collect me.

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Cockatoo – Umbrella

Comes With Cage