Ossie AKA Ozzy – African Grey – 410114

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey - Congo
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Wales
County: Mid Glamorgan
Gender Preference: Male


Hi my name is Ossie and I have a mysterious past,  as I don’t know my age or background.  I do have a habit of plucking my chest feathers on occasion, which means I have a little bald patch on my upper chest. What can I say, I like being a little neked !

I am generally a calm bird with a nice temperament. I can be lively on occasions, mostly when people leave the room – then I will come alive and start whistling, talking and singing. I do screech on occasion when I am desperate for attention.

I love love love my cage and can be a bit protective over it. I will try and bite you if you’re cleaning the inside, so it’s best if someone else distracts me whilst you do this. I will only try and bite strangers if they stick their fingers through the cage bars (as an estate agent once found out).

I love to be out of the cage, and sit on top of the open door, singing back and forth whilst saying ‘weeeeee’. I also enjoy having a fly around, but normally land back on my cage when I’ve finished exploring. Beware though, I love leather furniture, books, paper and cards, and may take the opportunity for a little chew if I’m unsupervised around them.

I am exceptionally well behaved and will go back into my cage of my own accord. If you place your hand on top of the cage and say ‘bed time Ozzy’, I will also go back in. In return I will say “Bed time Ozzy” back to you. I do like to be covered at night with a towel or sheet, just enough to cover the upper half of my cage.

I can imitate a lot of sounds, like laughing, coughing and dog barking. I also say “hello”, “Bye”, “Happy New Year”, “Merry Christmas”, “Yeah boy” and I like to say “cheers” when you have a beer.

I am tame and like nothing more than having my head stroked, or raspberries blown on my back. I am handleable (on my own terms) and will step up (when I want to).  I love to talk to myself especially when the TV is loud, because I have to make sure you know I’m still here. I also love to rip up the newspaper put down to line the underneath food catcher tray. I can spend hours down there just tearing it up. Most of all, I love my bells, and have three of them, which I ring and attack from time to time.

At the moment I am a man’s bird. However, I have been known to go to women previously. I like who I like, and that’s that. I will step up onto my foster mum’s hand on occasion, but only when I need transport back to my cage. When I’ve met children, I’ve enjoyed their company and haven’t been scared.

I have lived with other birds in the past, I don’t mind them, and can be inquisitive about them, as I’m a good boy I’ve never shown any sign of aggression towards them. I’m very curious of dogs and will come down to have a look at them if they come near my cage. When I’ve been to stay in a house with dogs, I come back imitating their bark. I would not like to live with a cat, as I like to wander round the floor, and it’s my territory not theirs.

I love my food, and as well as seeds I enjoy sliced apples, carrots, grapes and peppers. If I don’t like a food, I will shake my head back and forth or shove it away with my beak.

I’m out of the cage for most of the day. I’m ok with being left alone for a few hours as long as I get lots of fuss and attention when you come home.



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Bird Type



African Grey – Congo

Comes With Cage





Mid Glamorgan

Gender Preference