Pickle & Lila, Lovebirds, 071220 & 141020

Bird Type: Aviary
Breed: Lovebird
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Sussex
Gender Preference: Either


Hi we are Pickle (green) and Lila (lilac) –  two very cute lovebirds.

We are not hand tame but we are fascinating to watch. We enjoy freedom and flying about the room we live in, and spend our days chattering, exploring and investigating and playing on ropes and swings. We can be enticed back into our cage with food or millet. We also enjoy fruit and veg and enjoy a bath in our water bowl.

We did live with another pair of lovebirds, but the four of us squabbled, so we have been seperated for everyones safety. Whilst we are not hand tame, we aren’t frightened of humans. We don’t mind you coming into our space to change papers and bowls, we just move out of the way.

We are looking for a foster home, male and/or female or a family that will supply us with a big indoor space or maybe an outdoor aviary where we can fly and play all day without the expectation that we will sit on your shoulder- however this may come in time. We can give hours of entertainment, which is far better than watching TV! We have heaps of character and need a place to call home. So please consider us, we may be little but we have mighty big characters and can really brighten your day.

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