Pip – Kakariki – 010621

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Kakariki
Gender Preference: Either
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: London


Hello, my name is Pip and I am a Kakariki. I was found lost and was handed into Birdline to look after. I am a confident little bundle of energy and love to ride around on my humans’ shoulders and keep an eye on what they are up to. I especially like helping when they are using the computer and I am sure I’m very useful!  When they don’t need my help I sit on the top of the screen and watch.

I love exploring and am a good flier but also enjoy exploring on the ground in case I can find any exciting titbits. I love my food and have been getting used to a healthy diet of pellets and veggies and I have also decided that some fruit is pretty good too. But not grapes, yuk ! In my safe house I will fly to my human’s hand when she points with the stick and uses that clicker thing – I get a yummy sunflower seed when I do that and I am gradually getting used to fingers which are a bit weird if you ask me, not like my beautiful claws! I let my beak be touched now and I think one day if they are patient I might let my head be stroked…my safe house mum says I am a quick learner.

In my safe house there are male and female humans and some older children and I think they are all interesting and ok. I am sharing a room with two other parrots now and they are ok as well but I also liked it when it was just me when I was in quarantine. I got more attention then, which was nice. If you become my foster Parront you will have to get used to my movement – I am very fast and can dart around. I like to nibble a bit on fingers and hairs when I am preening you or playing but I am very gentle and will stop if you tell me no, I don’t mean to hurt.

I am very fond of the cage I am borrowing and will tell everyone its mine with my “kakakaka” call although even when I really try I am not very loud. I also get very excited about my food and have to be reminded to hold back, I try not to be greedy but food is so nice and I need it to keep my energy levels up! I don’t talk much but say something which the humans think is “hello pip”.

I can’t wait to have a foster home as it was not nice being lost in the wild and I love humans. Could you give me a safe and happy home?

Love Pip xxx

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