Pippa – African Grey – 3600916

Requirements: No young children

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: Worcestershire
City/Town: _


Hello! My name is Pippa and I’m a 20ish years-old Congo African Grey with special needs.

I’ve had a bit of a rough time of it over the last few years. I suffered from Metabolic Bone Disease, which caused my legs to break and deform when I was very young. I also had a vitamin A deficiency which caused a respiratory infection. Luckily, I’ve been living with a vet for a while and my vitamin A levels are all okay now. The stress of all this has caused me to pluck my feathers, unfortunately. I’m still beautiful, of course, just a little naked! I also have a bit of a scissor beak problem. It’s not too bad, but it does make me look a little funny sometimes. I need to see a vet who can trim it for me. No big deal, really. All of this sounds quite daunting, but you’ll see, I’m a lovely bird and I just accept things for what they are and get on with life.

I’m very loving. If you give me flat perches or rope I get around faster than you’d imagine. I’ll climb out of my cage and come find you for tickles and cuddles. If you put your hand out flat, I’ll sit there to cuddle with you. I do slightly prefer men, but I’m perfectly fine with women, as well. The one thing I do specially for men is dance!

I’m on a good diet of Harrison’s pellets with Tidymix as a treat. I’m a little picky with fruit and veg, but I do eat some as long as you cut it nice and fine. I don’t mind if you work part-time, but I prefer a busy active household in general. Playing is difficult for me, so I love to watch what my people get up to. I only like older children. Over 10, would be ideal. Younger children tend to make me nervous.

I come with my own cage and travel cage. I travel quite well as long as you drive nice and smooth. Despite my rocky start in life, I have so much love to give. I’m just looking for someone to love me back. Could it be you? Please give me a chance. I’d be so happy to meet you!

Comes with cage? Yes
Location: Worcestershire

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African Grey

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