Poppy – Umbrella Cockatoo – W40 – Companion bird


Requirements: Must be an only bird

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Umbrella
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: Female
Country: England
County: London
City/Town: _



Hello Poppy ! Oops i mean hello to you, of course – but i love saying my own name – a lot !

I’m about 22 years young and I’m an Umbrella Cockatoo with a huge personality. I love a good chat – or shout ! I am predominantly a ladies’ man, and show a real dislike of men. But I love nothing more than a cuddle with my safehouse Mum. I also enjoy a good play, dancing and the sound of my own voice ! I will join in, and add to the cacophony if my environment is noisy, and I will also scream if I hear a man in the house.

I am a very social birdy and love other birds. But sadly, I have avian bornavirus antibodies, so could only live with another bird if they had the same. So, to make up for this, I’d need my human to be at home with me a lot. I’m such a good boy on my harness and love to go outside and get fresh air and sunshine. However, I’m not a very confident flyer so rarely fly either on my harness or inside the house. I like children, especially when they share food, but it’s best if they keep a distance or I try and mouth their fingers with my beak. I can also get jealous if I see a child cuddling with MY human. I currently live with two dogs and don’t mind them – i even try and feed them my seed. But if they get too close to my cage I will try and nip their tails with my big strong beak.

My favourite toys aren’t toys at all. Instead, i love newspaper and cardboard boxes. I play a great game of hide and seek under mountains of scrunched up newspaper and all you will hear is paper rustling and my beak clicking happily. I enjoy listening and dancing to the radio – but my favourite is classical music. I have it on every night to help me sleep.

I have such a lot of love to give and I am the cuddliest bird my safehouse mum has ever met. I have bags full of character and would be an amazing fun companion for the right lady.

I have been known to be a biter so need an experienced home with Cockatoo experience. You must be someone willing to give me time to settle and trust you.

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Bird Type



Cockatoo – Umbrella

Comes With Cage


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