Raja aka Reggie and Baby – African Greys – 7881013

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland
County: Stirlingshire
City/Town: Stirling


Hi we’re Reggie and Baby, we don’t interact much other than singing together, but we do share a cage. We’ve been in our current home for about eight years, but our mum’s health is sadly deteriorating and it’s time for us to find a new family.

Our Parront says we are great birds; we are sociable and love human company. Our personalities are quite different. Reggie is more serious and Baby is more playful. We are relatively quiet for parrots and don’t make a lot of noise. However, we will whistle tunefully and mimic noises you make. Reggie does shout Hello if he can hear you in another part of the house and wonders where you are.

Reggie is about 14 years old and is a very handsome boy despite his plucked chest. He loves company and once he has decided he trusts you he will enjoy sitting on your shoulder or knee. He is sociable and will go to other people. Reggie can fly but as a rule prefers to climb and walk more. You do have to watch out though because he does enjoy chewing the top of the door where he enjoys flying to and sitting. Reggie’s routine is to have breakfast at about 8 am and this should be served with a kiss! He prefers to come out his cage himself and then go onto your hand. He will happily go back into his cage. Reggie shows a preference for men but will go to females too. He is ok with dogs but please don’t leave straw baskets or balloons around as he is very scared of them.

Baby is about 9 years old and is believed to be a female. She is a little more timid than Reggie. Baby doesn’t seem to have a specific gender preference – she likes who she likes! She is cuddly and playful with the right person but she can bite when she’s not in a situation she is happy or feels confident in. Like Reggie, she’s a quiet bird, doesn’t scream but sings and whistles when she’s happy. She enjoys ripping paper and chewing furniture (if given a chance).

As we are quiet chilled birds, we would love a calm home with no rowdy children. We love to be out the cage as much as possible please, so perhaps a retired or semi-retired couple would be the perfect family for us?

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