Ricky & Bobby – Timneh & Congo African Grey – 050119/060119 – Aviary Birds

Bird Type: Aviary
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: No
Gender Preference: _
Country: Wales
County: Ceredigion
City/Town: _

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Hi everyone, we are Ricky & Bobby, two wonderful bonded birds.

Well here we are I’m Bobby the Timneh male I am about 20 years old and I live with my girlfriend Ricky and shes a bit older than me shes about 30. We are a bonded pair I do love her very much, too much some days. Ricky has been known too lay eggs so calcium in our diet is a must. My safehouse mum says that we need an aviary in the spring so we can carry on being birds, you humans dont really interest us but I will try and get you too give me a head scratch but you better be fast as im quite good at getting you…we are happy where we are for now but can you imagine if someone had a aviary for us how wonderfull that would be especially for Ricky she really doesnt like anyone. We are quite fussy eaters our safehouse mum keeps giving us fruit and veg but we are not too keen…so if you feel you could give us the life we deserve we would be grateful.

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African Grey

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