Rio T – Alexandrine Parrot – 121120

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Alexandrine Parakeet
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Berkshire
Gender Preference: Male


Hello my name is Rio T

I am approx 5 years old and I am a Alexandrine Parrot. My safehouse family say I am a friendly bird and that I make them laugh and smile with my antics

I came into birdline because my original Daddy died, and the friend who took me in after that could no longer care for me. I miss my Daddy and so I am looking for a loving home with a man as my main carer. I don’t mind women and will allow my safehouse mum to feed me and clean my cage and I will also step up onto a stick for her to be able to move me out of my cage and back into my cage once she has cleaned it for me. She’s also nice to chat to when my safehouse Dad isn’t around.

Safehouse Dad is the best, and I flirt with him and he gives me kisses on the head and tickles. When I came to my safehouse, I had a plucking issue, which was caused by the distress of my daddy dying and boredom. I have let them slowly grow back, and my feathers are now looking beautiful.

I love to hang out on the top of my cage and play with my toys up there, I also love to dance and hang upside-down whilst making lots of different sounds to keep you entertained. If I feel I am not getting your attention or I need something to eat then I will let you know by giving a high pitched screech. I enjoy interacting with the other birds here at my safehouse, so I would really like to be with another bird or birds similar to myself

When I am out of my cage I do not show any aggression to anybody that is in the house, the only time I become a bit territorial is when I am tired and in my cage, ready for bed. If you approach me then, I will open my beak and come towards you – this is me just saying I really really want to go to bed, please leave me alone. I allow the children here to feed me pieces of fruit and my favourite walnuts, I always take the treats gently, but the children are always supervised by the safehouse mum.

Could you provide the forever home I’m looking for? I’m a loving, entertaining chap and promise I will be a wonderful addition to your home.

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Alexandrine Parakeet

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