Rocky – African Grey – 590416

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: Male
Country: England
County: Kent
City/Town: Herne Bay


Hello, my name is Rocky I am an African Grey.

I love men and really love my safehouse dad and his son. I love a head tickle and sitting on a man’s shoulder, but I really
don’t like my body being stroked. I like some women and used to belong to one, but I am picky who I chose if your female. I won’t come onto all woman but if your female, you can touch me through a cage and give me head scratches and I will give you kisses through the cage. I will have need time to get to know you properly before that.

When I’m out of my cage I will play games with my safehouse mummy, but she doesn’t touch me. I love to talk, and I do lots of funny noises. I like to try and confuse the dog when my safe mummy tries to let her outside, I call her back, so the dog comes in and out not knowing what is going on ha-ha. I am very comical, and I will make a great long-term companion, but I must have a man living with me.

I also let you know when I’m tired at night I say night, night Rocky and then you have to come and say night, night back to me,  I may give you a kiss if I’m in the mood and then you can put my cover over me and tuck me in.

Additional information

Bird Type



African Grey

Comes With Cage


Gender Preference







Herne Bay