Rocky – Bare Eyed Cockatoo – 1210312

Must be a confident experienced home.

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Bare Eyed
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Sussex
Gender Preference: Female


Hello, I am Rocky – or Rocky Rock Star as I call myself! I am a 17-year young Bare Eyed Cockatoo with heaps of character.  I am a chatterbox and have a good vocabulary such as “Hello Rocky”, “Hello Rocky Rock Star”, “What Ya Doing?”, “Come on”, “Whose A Good Boy”, “Your A Rocky Mouth”, to name a few. I like to dance and make woosh noises with you, I also have a cracking laugh.

I love my fresh fruit and veg chop every morning, my favourite is peas and then I have AS20 and Harrisons pellets in the evenings.

For many years I have had the companionship of another bird, so having another bird for company would be good for me. I am allowed out with another cockatoo here and we run about together and play. I also have lived with an Amazon in my previous safe house with no issues.

I am looking for a foster mum who will keep me in check and set firm boundaries otherwise I will take charge and rule the house. I need a strict routine so that I know what is expected of me and when I should be going back in for bedtime etc. I was quite angry when I came to my new home and tried to intimidate people with my quick moves and beak – but this behaviour has significantly reduced. I still have a lot of progress to make, and my safe house mum has gone back to basics with me and will continue to work on my behaviour whilst I’m looking for my foster home. But I am keen to learn and am enjoying clicker training which my safehouse mum has initiated.

That being said I will also give hours of entertainment chatting away with you, busting my groove to music, sometimes giving you my repertoire of gibberish back chat at bedtime along with my contagious dirty laugh.

I am hoping to find a foster mum that has the confidence to cope with a funny yet bossy, occasionally cantankerous cockatoo like me. I would like to have a birdy friend or two to keep me company when you are out. You would need to have tolerant neighbours or space between properties just in case I wish to exercise my vocal cords. I had to move homes due to noise complaints from neighbours but have been really good with noise levels in my current safe house.

I have not been trusted with children for safety reasons. I am Ok seeing small dogs but not keen on big dogs. In time my safe house mum believes I can be a well behaved, loving birdy but I need extra commitment, strong boundaries, understanding and guidance from a special person to help me get there.

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Cockatoo – Bare Eyed

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