Rosie – Goffins Cockatoo – 040320

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Goffin
Comes With Cage: No
Gender Preference: Either
Country: Wales
County: Ceredigion
City/Town: Lampeter


Hello, my name is Rosie I am a boy, but my dad liked the name Rosie.

I have lived with my family for 50 years. I loved my Dad but he passed away many many years ago so my mum took over my care she didn’t feel confident enough with me so I stayed in my cage. It was a very small cage but I now have a brand-new cage on loan and it is mine, mine, mine so I can be quite protective over it.

I enjoy being out walking around and chasing feet, my Safehouse mum finds it hilarious. I allow my mum too stroke and scratch my head, but I have not quite mastered the step-up thing yet. My hello is very posh, and I love to have a sing and a dance with my safehouse mum.

My safehouse mum would keep me but Logan the other Cockatoo is very jealous when mum talks to me, so as upsetting as it is, I need a new mum and dad. If you think you could give me a forever home, then please apply. I shall be waiting. Lots of love Rosie Posie.

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Cockatoo – Goffin

Comes With Cage


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