Sid – Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo – 9711012

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Lesser Sulphur Crested
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: Male
Country: Wales


Hi my name is Sid which I will tell you in a very quiet way. I am a lovely boy and not very noisy but as with all us Cockatoos, I will have a little shout sometimes. A boys got to do what a boys got to do.

I come with a cage and toys but will destroy any toys just for fun, I have to keep myself busy you know. I love a cardboard box and some paper to tear up and wreck but I do make a mess just so you know I am there. Like most birds, I love the sound of the vacuum cleaner, and when my safehouse dad is cleaning my cage, I will get hold of whatever my safehouse dad is using and chew it. I have to keep my safehouse dad on his toes you see.

I am not a fussy eater. I love my seed and fruit and always eat my greens. I also love my scrambled egg and toast.

Please help me find a forever home. I really would love to settle down and have a dad to call my own.

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Cockatoo – Lesser Sulphur Crested

Comes With Cage


Gender Preference