Stumpy – Senegal – 6481012

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Senegal
Comes With Cage: No
Gender Preference: Male
Country: Wales
County: West Glamorgan
City/Town: _


Hello, my name is Stumpy (Stephi). I am a handsome 19-year young Senegal.

I would love for someone to give me a home where you can spend lots of time with me. I do prefer being around the male of your species and am not very good at sharing you. I will bite/give a shriek sometimes to warn others off. I will sit on your shoulder while you eat or watch tv for hours and enjoy loads of head rubs. I love daily nibbles of fruits and other healthy titbits.

I enjoy stretching my wings and I am a good flyer, so please ensure windows and doors are securely closed and if you leave my cage door open I can pop in and out as I please. I wake around 7am and start my beauty sleep around 7pm, with my cover over the cage.

I understand you will probably work and I will be alone at some time during the day but if you can leave the radio on for me please that would be great. When you come in, you will be greeted home with my calling, and I will fly straight to your shoulder.

I look forward to meeting you very soon.

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West Glamorgan