Sundae – Bare Eyed Cockatoo – 3710714


Female carer

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Bare Eyed
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland
County: West Lothian
City/Town: Bathgate
Gender Preference: Female


Hello my name is Sundae and I am a rather splendid Bare Eyed Cockatoo.

I am a female orientated bird and can be handled, tickled and hand fed by some females (but not all). I’m really not keen on kids or men as I am a scaredy-bird and if they come near, I will generally hide in my cage, although sometimes I like to show how brave I am by trying to attack them through the cage bars. On some rare occasions I will allow a man to tickle my toe through the cage bars! So, I am looking for a home with a female who can give me a lot of attention inside and outside of my cage.

I like to come out of my cage either by myself or straight onto a females arm. I don’t know how to fly and mainly use my beak to climb about and then run or walk on surfaces. I do exercise my wings though by climbing on top of my cage while my current safe house mum shows me how to open up my wings as big as possible and flap them up and down. This is really fun, but I hold onto my cage very tight so that I don’t lift off. It takes me a little while to fully open my wings each time but I get there In the end.

Like most cockatoos i LOVE music and enjoy the he company of the radio. I talk – a lot! If I see food I ask ‘do you want a bit’ or I will also ask ‘ do you want a tickle’ both of these is me asking for myself. If no one is talking to me I will have a mumbled 2-way conversation. I like to make noises such as screams, car alarms, dog barking and water bottle skooshing noises when I want a shower. When it gets late at night I say ‘night night, bedtime’ I will say this over and over again until I am covered but this also means it’s everyone else’s bedtime as if I hear someone talk around me I will start screaming until there is silence.
My safehouse parents have other smaller birds and I quite like them; I will go and sit on their cage and chat to them or try and feed them. But obviously I’m not allowed to play with them because I’m so much bigger. So, I think I would quite like to try living with another bird more my own size. I haven’t lived with other sorts of pets so I don’t know how I would be with them.

The ideal home for me would be a quiet home with a female. I should not go to a home with young children because if I get nervous or too excited, I may bite. I don’t mind if you work for a few hours a day, but I wouldn’t want to be on my own all day long. So how about it could you be the lady for me?

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Cockatoo – Bare Eyed

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West Lothian



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