Tony – Indian Ring Neck – 110320

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Indian Ring Neck
Gender Preference: Either
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland
County: Lanarkshire
City/Town: Glasgow


Hello everybody, I’m Tony! I am a gorgeous wee Indian Ringneck around two and a half years old. I am a sweet, curious and clever girl looking for my forever home.

My safehouse mum says I am a star; I was very scared of hands and when I came to Birdline, but I found out that human hands sometimes have tasty treats in them, and they can give you tickles; I never knew how much I loved them and I can’t believe I have been missing out all this time!

I don’t step up when I am asked to, but we are practicing – sometimes I like to fly onto my mum’s hand and hang around just in case there might be a walnut in there. You never know! I am quite the little explorer too. My safehouse mum is working from home at the moment so I have been enjoying lots of out time. While she is tapping away on that box thing, I am off searching for adventure and walnuts. I love flying around the house, and I have a great view from up on the lightshade to assess where I would next like to put my beak for a nosey ! Sometimes I find ‘other birds’ hiding around the house – they live inside the flat, I don’t like them much; I need to keep a close eye on them – we don’t want them nicking all my walnuts now do we!?

I don’t mind men or women, but I would prefer not to live with younger children – I’ve heard they can get a bit rowdy and I like a very calm, quiet home. I have never had any furry four-legged pals, but I have lived with other birds and I’m not sure I’m too keen on them: I know exactly what my safehouse sister is up to – she has got her beady wee eyes on my dinner!
I really am a lovely wee girl, and if you are lovely enough to give me lots of tickles and let me have a good old nosey about your home, then please get in touch.

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Indian Ring Neck

Gender Preference


Comes With Cage