Barney the Goffins Cockatoo – SE54

This bird is in the latter stages of the Rehoming process and may have found his forever home. Please do not apply for this bird until this red writing has been removed.

Hello, my name is Barney and I’m a very endearing 35 year-old Goffins Cockatoo.

Name: Barney

Species: Goffins Cockatoo

Reference No: SE54

Summary: Hello, my name is Barney and I’m a very endearing 35 year-old Goffins Cockatoo.

I’m looking for a confident, experienced owner who likes to play and give me all the attention and love I need. I like men and women, but am probably more of a mature lady’s bird. You will need to be responsive and find a balance between doing things that are fun, but putting me in my cage to chill before I get over excited. Like any cockatoo, really, but I can bite if I get over-excited and I don’t want that to spoil my relationship with you. My safehouse calls me “Bouncy Barney” and I play volleyball, tug of war, and roll up the paper when you change my cage. I have a party trick: I roll toys and coins over my back, I’m such a cutie pie. I sometimes pretend to be a squeaky toy, shout “hooray!” and throw my stubby wings in the air. I am plucked, mainly my wing feathers, so watch I don’t get startled or I will plummet to the floor. Even though I’m a bit of a piranha I think the right owner will love me as I am an endearing little fluffball who just loves to have fun. I’m really looking for someone to give me a second chance in life. Someone with time, patience and love to give. Could this be you? I can’t wait to start my new life and look so forward to meeting you!

Comes with cage? Yes



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