Billy & Amy (Congo African Greys) – S52 & 230212

Name: Billy & Amy

Species: Congo African Greys

Reference No: S52 & 230212

Summary: Hi, our names are Billy & Amy, we are a bonded pair looking for a lovely family to give us a forever home.

We must stay together as we are a bonded pair who spend time feeding each other and snuggling up at night.

I’m Billy and am a timid little fella who likes you to ignore me until I want affection. I’ve been with my safehouse for a while and have got use to her, so I like to dance with her. I like to bounce and flap my wings to most music and do love female vocalists. My favourite food is mash potato but I am only allowed it on occasions as my safehouse Mum says it’s not good for me. I don’t like to leave my cage often, but have when I’ve been bribed with a walnut. I love to talk but will only do it if you’re out of the room. I’m a shy guy to begin with but will come out of my shell in time. I will hand you over to Amy as she is more than capable of telling you about herself!

I’m Amy and a very confident girl. I only have one eye but that does not stop me from being adventurous. I love time out of my cage and think it funny to play games when it’s time to go back in. I don’t like to be touched but I will approach you to investigate you. I love to shred cardboard and to tip my food out of the bowl to forage it. I don’t talk but I do some brilliant sound effects. I too love music (and dancing with my best friend Billy). We would love a family home where me and Billy can get to know everyone and hopefully you will have the patience, time and love to let our confidence grow.

Comes with cage? No

Location: Devon (We cannot travel far so only apply if your in the area).

15 Comments on “Billy & Amy (Congo African Greys) – S52 & 230212

  1. Daisy my wee parrot who died in Oct. Left behind her doggies lol 2 small dogs she was the boss. So should be fine.

      • We do ask that birds and dogs aren’t mixed as we have had accidents. So if the birds are out, the dogs need to be kept out of the room. Then put the birds in their cages when the dogs are in the room. These birds are all so special to us, we want to know they are protected and safe, it’s so heartbreaking when there’s an accident.

  2. Gosh they both sound abs wonderful. I have got a dog but they will make a house a home xx

  3. Thank you for coming back to me, it makes perfect sense to keep
    both birds and dogs safe, I would feel dreadful if anything happened to them.

  4. Brilliant so Happy for them Both dance on Lovele’s. Enloy your new home Will

  5. Totally agree wi you Caroline
    common sense
    I miss Daisy my wee African grey i lost last year. Not used to quiet house.

    • We have new birds coming in all the time, so do put in a general application and we can keep an eye out for you in Scotland.

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