Charlie – Jardine Conure 2030314 – applications closed

Hi, my name is Charlie and I am a female Jardine Conure. We know this as I have laid eggs in the past.

I am looking for a home where someone can help to build my confidence up as I am a little nervous around People.

I am bald on my stomach but my safehouse mum has never seen me pluck so it was in my past.
I am not overly keen to be touched just yet but with time and patience I’m sure that I can improve (once I learn to trust you).

I love the company of other birds so would prefer this please.
My safehouse mum says I’m no trouble at all, I’m quiet and easily pleased.
I don’t mind being left alone for a while if you work and will quite happily play in my cage in fact you will have to coax me out of my cage at times.
I’m sure with a bit of time and patience I will be able to gain my trust and show you my true character like I did with my safehouse home. Maybe you have another Conure who could keep me company? and help me learn to trust you humans. Can you offer a lovely home to me?

Cage: Yes

Location: Staffordshire