Darcy the Naked Ballerina

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Darcy is an adorable Ducorps cockatoo who loves to dance. She was named after the ballerina and Strictly judge, Darcy Bussel. She does indeed look like a ballerina, as her wing feathers look like a glorious tutu.

Darcy is a very difficult bird and needs close monitoring and supervision. She had suffered severe zinc poisoning when she came to us and had to be hospitalised a number of times. She is severely plucked across her back and front, and does not have enough flight feathers to fly, which affects her confidence. She has been known to self mutilate, and has opened gaping wounds under her wings and picked holes in her legs. She can be pretty moody and will fly at people and bite for no discernible reason, then the next day she will be all kisses and cuddles.

She is well settled in a safehouse known to us for its experience with difficult cockatoos. Darcy needs ongoing treatment, including medication, bi-annual vet visits and blood checks. She has not mutilated or pulled blood feathers since 2017 so she is doing well.

We still hope to find a home for Darcy, but it needs to be one who has a lot of bird experience, but no other birds. They would need to be at home all day in case she bleeds out. Plus they will need to commit to her mood swings, as she can jump onto your shoulder and give you a good old CHOMP if you’ve offended her in some way. Do contact us if you think you might be her forever home.

If you would like to sponsor Darcy, she would love to stay in touch on her secret page which she will share with you. Her birthday with us is 26/06/2014 should you wish to send her a gift. She particularly likes shredding things!

If you decide you want to sponsor me, you can follow me on  Darcy’s Secret Page  which gets updated regularly. It’s hidden from everyone else, only my special friends can see it!

6 Comments on “Darcy the Naked Ballerina

  1. Hi, Where is Darcy please? I am in Lancashire, and would consider giving her a home <3

    • Darcy is in Kent and unfortunately needs to stay in the South East so we can monitor her closely. Let us know what sort of bird you are looking for and we will keep an eye out for you. e.g. male or female oriented, species, personality

  2. Thanks, I thought as much when I read your profile. I have now got a Cockatiel from a local rescue. However if there is ever a Cockatoo, who needs a home, the mantra is, “There is always room for one more”!!!

    • We often have cockatoos who need homes. Often special needs, like serial screamers, biters etc. Email us on enquiry2@birdline.org.uk and we’ll make sure your details go to the right person.

  3. Hi
    I have no recent experience with birds but would love to be Darcy’s lifelong foster parent. I am home all day (work from home) and would be prepared to dedicate myself to her care. If it sounds like we would be able to work something out, please let me know. I’m in Wimbledon south west London.
    Also I’m new to this – what’s the difference between a safe house and a foster home?

    • Hi there. A safehouse is what I am for Darcy, a home where she can be cared for until we find a foster home. A foster home is a forever home, the bird remains the legal property of Birdline to protect it as part of our Lifelong Care Agreement with the donor. But he or she is yours to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

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