Forrest (Black Headed Caique) 010818 (Applications Closed)

Hello, my name isForrest, I am a Black Headed Caique.

I am a mischievous little munchkin who loves to be out all day. I like men or women, and I’m OK with grown up children. I get unhappy around small children and attack them.

I love to fly and you need to be careful as my favourite place is on top of an open door. I’ll sit up there and chatter proudly at you telling you how smug I feel that I have claimed this prime spot. I will raid other birds cages and being a Caique, I will hold my own in an argument even if it is not my cage. 

I am very noisy and will wolf whistle and call you repeatedly if you don’t let me out. I love my Zupreem pellets, Tidimix TropicalMix, pistachios and walnuts. I have a cage and I like to play on it sometimes,but I would much rather sit on top of someone else’s cage or stand, which is why I need to be with a gentle flock. I love to roll around in my safehouse mum’s hair, especially when it’s wet. What I like best is going round the house on my safehouse mum’s head and being allowed to investigate. I like shredding cardboard boxes and shredding toys. So, what do you think? Could you make me happy?

Comes with cage? Yes

Location: Kent