Fredo – Yellow Crowned Amazon – 80217

“HELLO”, my name is Fredo AKA Freddie, I am a very pretty yellow crowned amazon, I’m quite sure that I’m a girl because I absolutely love men. I get very jealous over anyone getting too close to my favourite man and really do not like it. So I’m looking for a lovely man who wants to play with me and take me out of my cage and let me sit on them. I adore being stroked and tickled. Treats are just great like all sorts of nuts and I can make a good mess with shells When I  hear you come in I say “hello” and keep saying it then and as soon as I see you I really say” HELLO”. I can say several different things and only one naughty word that sounds like “banker”.

I love being outside in my cage and have been taken out in a carry bag to the club where I love being the centre of attention, saying “hello” to everyone. I like to walk around the floor and climb up, I don’t like destroying things. I really cant fly although I try but I’ve been kept in a cage for so long my wings aren’t strong enough so I can only do a semi controlled flap to the floor.

Cage: No

Location: Paignton, Devon

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  1. I have been looking to adopt a parrot for a while now, i have a Galah cockatoo and a meyers parrot who live very happily in the countryside with me. Fredo looks like a wonderfully lovely bird and i would love to be considered for his adoption. I have a large outdoor aviary as well as a large cage ready for a new member to join 🙂 I have a lot of experience with parrots and now only take adoption birds.
    I would love to hear a bit more about him if thats possible and maybe also see some photos ?
    kind regards Benny.

    • Hi Benny, sounds lovely. If you apply using the Rehoming Application Form then Fredo’s Rehoming Officer can give you moe information about him.

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