Jaffa (Congo African Grey) – 2510512

Name: Jaffa

Species: Congo African Grey

Reference No: 2510512

Summary: Hello, my name is Jaffa the Congo African Grey.

I am a friendly chap if you are a man. However, I am not very keen on ladies or children and I like to sneak up on them and show them who is boss! I would like a quiet calm house with no other birds as they distress me, and because I get worried and nervous about noise. I am out of my cage all day and because I can’t fly very well I like to wander around on everything – just checking to make sure everything is ok and as it should be, but you might want to supervise me! I am plucked, but this does seem to be improving slightly. I am based in West Sussex and I need to be re-homed in this area as I do not travel well.

Comes with cage? Yes

Location: Sussex

4 Comments on “Jaffa (Congo African Grey) – 2510512

    • Will Fleming member. Looking to re homa a Acrican Congo grey. I live between Edinburgh and Glasgow. 30 years experience. Tyvm

  1. Would love for him to join us but it’s always me and the kids that interact with the feathered family members so this wouldn’t be the best fit. Hope he gets a great home soon

    • Do send us your details, e.g. home setup (type of house or flat, family members, working hours etc.), your bird keeping experience and what species you are looking out for and we can keep an eye out for you, if you are a member. caroline@birdline.org.uk

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