Jaffa (Congo African Grey) – 2510512

Name: Jaffa

Species: Congo African Grey

Reference No: 2510512

Summary: Hello, my name is Jaffa the Congo African Grey.

I am a friendly chap if you are a man. However, I am not very keen on ladies or children and I like to sneak up on them and show them who is boss! I would like a quiet calm house with no other birds as they distress me, and because I get worried and nervous about noise. I am out of my cage all day and because I can’t fly very well I like to wander around on everything – just checking to make sure everything is ok and as it should be, but you might want to supervise me! I am plucked, but this does seem to be improving slightly. I am based in West Sussex and I need to be re-homed in this area as I do not travel well.

Comes with cage? Yes

Location: Sussex