Jethro (Blue Fronted Amazon) – 3870613

Name: Jethro

Species: Blue Fronted Amazon

Reference No: 3870613

Summary: Hello, my name is Jethro and I am a very large amazon with a personality to match.

I am looking for my lady love, and one thing is for sure, once I’ve found you, you will have my undying love and devotion and I will be your special bird. I’m not very keen on men, and will fly to attack them, but if you just put me in my cage when a man comes in the room I will be fine. I’m frightened of them you see. I don’t mind my safe house dad, but he has long hair so I think he’s a girl. I have the most gorgeous brown eyes and beautiful feathers, and you will be smitten with me. I am such an obedient chap, and once you have established my routine I will step up and go in my cage before you even ask, although sometimes a pistachio or two may be required. I love burying my beak in a bowl of sweet corn and oranges, and then spend the day with it all over my face. I really enjoy playing with toys and having long, warm spray showers. I close my eyes and let you give me a good old soaking. I like to chat to you, and will greet you every morning and chat along. Most of all, I like to dance with you, and will even do pirouettes on my perch. I’m not a noisy bird, although if you encourage me I will have a good old screeching session with you, accompanied with wolf whistles. I’ve been taught to be quiet in the past, so I do really enjoy letting off scream with my safe house flock. I’m allowed out all day here, because I’m no trouble at all. So if you think you are looking for a sweet, loyal companion in your life, please apply for me, I’m feeling very sorry for myself without a special lady in my life.

Comes with cage? Yes

Location: Kent

Jethro REALLY likes sweet corn!

16 Comments on “Jethro (Blue Fronted Amazon) – 3870613

    • It’s just men he has a problem with, he’ll be fine then suddenly fly to attack. Otherwise he is a gentle, sweet and obedient bird. I’ve really enjoyed safehousing him but he would make someone a brilliant companion.

  1. what is he like with kids that are boys? i have an 8 year old son who loves birds?

    • Unfortunately he is not good with males. He may be OK for a few years but he goes into full-on attack mode with men as young as 18. He may have had a bad experience. He is a lovely boy with girls and women. Try applying for another bird, plus we have birds in safehouses who aren’t on the site who might be ideal for you.

  2. this boy is absolutely beautiful! i am disabled living with my 18 year old daughter and she currently has 3 small birds (conure cockatiel and parakeet) and i was wondering if he will be okay with them around, they will most likely leave him be but im just curious.

    • He is lovely with other birds, a bit nervous of them if they invade his space. He currently lives with cockatiels, a caique and some larger birds e.g. amazons and cockatoos. He is afraid of one of my Amazons who is a bit bolshy, he flies away from him and I chase the bolshy one away from his cage so he can go back to it. He a gentle, sweet guy.

  3. We are very interested in Jethro, just waiting for birdline to get back to me about a suitable vet before we apply. Female only household but we do live a distance.

  4. If this boy is still available in the new year then I’d love to apply for a forever home for him! I’m
    Looking for my soulmate !

    • Do put in an application, it’s his second Christmas in safehouse and he needs to find his lady-love.

  5. I’m definitely going to I’ve really fallen for him ! I need to sign up for a memebrship

  6. Hi, it sounds very promising for Jethro (note comments above) which is fantastic, but could I ask how old Jethro is? We have a female blue fronted amazon called Monty – she’s 21 human years and is the opposite to Jethro – loves males (& tolerated me :0) ).

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