Jimmy – Orange Winged Amazon – 1660314

Hi my name is Jimmy.  I’m a lovely Orange Winged Amazon, and have been fostered with a couple for the past five years since my owner died.  Unfortunately one of my carers is unwell and I need to find a new home.  I will miss them so much. I do prefer a man in my home but do tolerate others.

I love company but won’t come on your hand.  I like to whistle and would love it if you answer to my calls.  Fruit is my favourite treat but I also like toast and egg.  I like to come out of my cage and fly around  but please don’t have any spare cables lying around as I find them irresistible.  I come complete with my own home (cage to you) and when inside it play with my string toy.  I also like to have cardboard boxes and twigs which I sculpt into creations of beauty.  If it’s a fun loving guy you need, I’m your bird.  Jimmy xxx 

Cage: Yes

Location: West Sussex