Louis & Simba (Alexandrine Parakeets ) – 5200812


Hello! We are a bonded pair of Alexandrine parrots called Louis and Simba.
Location: Devon

Name: Louis & Simba

Species: Alexandrine Parakeets

Reference No: 5200812

Summary: Hello! We are a bonded pair of Alexandrine parrots called Louis and Simba.

We don’t know our exact age but we are around 8–9 years old now. We are a very close couple who are very much in love! We make sweet soppy kissing sounds and wolf whistle to each other. We sometimes imitate sounds we hear, such as a motorbike going past, or the bleep of the phone! Sometime Louis bobs his head up and down along to music, which is funny to see. We have settled in very well in our safe home and although we were not quite sure of our safe house humans to start with, we are now much more confident, happy and relaxed. We like their company and we sit on our perch together watching them and listening to them chatting. We don’t have any problem with males or females. We were not too keen on coming out of our cage at first but we have really come out of our shell. We have the top of our cage open every day and are now in our element sitting together on the top perch by the window watching the world go by. We are really good flyers and will sometimes take flight around the room. Depending on where we land, we will step up on to our human’s hands and let them take us back to our cage, or we will fly off again and make our own way back. We are a friendly pair and love our human’s hand feeding us our favourite treats such as carrots, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts and almonds, sometimes crackers – we love to crunch! Our favourite food is cooked rice, beetroot, red grapes, celery, lettuce leaves, corn on the cob kernels and red chard/spinach leaves. As much as we love our humans hand feeding us we are still a bit hand shy and don’t like to be touched. If you put your fingers too near we may nip, but we don’t do it hard and it doesn’t hurt. We also love chewing our toys and lots of cardboard. We also live with a ginger tom called Mr Bigglesworth and we don’t mind him so we are fine with other pets. Mr Bigglesworth keeps us company and he doesn’t bother us at all. We are fine being left on our own for short periods of time, as we have each other for company. If you are looking for a happy, funny pair of companions, please apply for us! We can’t wait to meet you and to get settled in to a new and loving forever home.

Come with cage? Yes

Location: Devon


5 Comments on “Louis & Simba (Alexandrine Parakeets ) – 5200812

  1. Hi, we would love to adopt Louis and Simba and give them a lovely home. We already have some parakeets and have experience in looking after birds. We have been longing for an opportunity such as this and would love to be chosen to care for these birds. 🙂

  2. Hi, just needed to know if they are safe around children, oh and are they a actual breeding pair! 🙂

    • They are not with children atm Paul, so we do not know. They are a bonded pair but not a breeding pair.

  3. I would be a first time hose-bird owner, only having had chickens and ducks before. Would these two still be available and a good idea?

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