Hello my name is Lucy and I am an Orange Winged Amazon I am about
24 years old and am very shy. 

I am looking for my forever home and hoping it wont take long.
I am a very quite birdie for an Amazon but I have my moments especially if you are late getting me up. My safehouse parents think I’m very quiet but I was donated by an elderly couple so I like it quiet and calm. 

I do have may favourite toys that will be coming with me. I would
love more but not too many as I get a little scared of them, It doesn’t
take me long to get use to them and play. 
I am very much a morning bird and love having free roaming with
supervision. I stay on my cage or in my cage most of the time unless you pick me up.  I am nervous and do need time and patience to learn new things. 
I will only step up onto your hand if I have flown to the floor as I know I will be safely returned after some reassurance. 
I love my fruit and veg and I love having a shower it makes me all excited if I’m in the mood.  I don’t talk much (hello and peekaboo) but I do try to copy you and make lots of different sounds.  I am in need of a lot of love and time. I know the right person is out there for me.

Cage: No

Location: Plymouth

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