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Hi my name is Mac
I have just arrived into Birdline.
I have no cage perches or toys, and as you can see I need my beak and claws attending to.
My safehouse will provide me with a temporary cage and toys but if you can help I would really love my own.
Am off to the vets first thing on Monday morning my safehouse mum and dad say I will be able to eat much easier after my visit.
Please sponsor me, I’ll put more photos on and tell you all about my visit to the vets.

3 Comments on “Mac

  1. omg I cant believe how gorgeous you are….I would love to help with your vets bills plz ask your safehouse mum to call me 01761751949 xxx

    • This is wonderful and I have sent your details to his safehouse. I will put a button in the shop too so people who want to donate, can.

  2. Beautiful, if he needs a safe house or a forever home I could love to give him a loving caring family to join

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