Max (Blue Fronted Amazon) – 7851013

Name: Max

Species: Blue Fronted Amazon

Reference No: 7851013

Summary: Hi there! I’m Max, a fab 2 and a half year-old Blue-Fronted Amazon.

I’m only young, so I can be a bit of a handful sometimes, but I’m also a very lovable chap. I love being out of my cage all the time (who doesn’t!) so I would love my new home to be somewhere where there was someone home most of the day. It takes me a little time to get used to new people, but once I do, I am your loyal friend, especially if you’re an older lad. I was very bonded to an 11-year old boy in my last home. I will warn you that a do like a bit of a chew of your door frames, so I’d love lots of wood and chew toys to keep me busy. I generally like getting my own way and when I do I’ll laugh at you! Hehehe!! Because I’m young and boisterous, I can be a little unpredictable. One second I’m gentle as can be and the next I’m showing you who is boss. I’ve had a lot of change in my life and hopefully in time and once I’m settled, my personality might even out a bit. Remember, I’m only a baby at heart. What I love: tickles, Tidymix, peeling oranges, peas and playing with toys. What I don’t love: dogs! So, please only dog-free families for me. I can’t wait to move in with a forever family. If you have energy, love and tickles to give then I will happily give you love and laughs in return. Please apply for me. I’ll be waiting for you!

Comes with cage? Yes

Location: Greater Manchester