Oscar (Orange Wing Amazon) – 970515

Name: Oscar

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Reference No: 970515

Summary: Hello! my name is Oscar and I’m a handsome Orange-Winged Amazon who loves the ladies.

I’ve been here at my safehouse for what seems like ages and I’ve become chattier and chattier with each passing day. Here are some of the things I can say: “hello”, “pretty boy”, “awww good boy”, “music”, “cup of tea”, and “want to fly”. I turn into a real chatterbox when there are women around because I really love them. I will talk and talk until I get their attention. I’m not aggressive with men, but I am very wary of them and tend to back away. I have the freedom to come and go from my cage as I please, but I generally stay in. My confidence might build more over time, but for now my cage is where I feel safest. I have an African Grey for a neighbor here. If the truth be known I don’t really like him all that much and have tried to get at him, so wisely he is kept away from me. I’m a bit competitive with him. If he says something I make sure I shout louder. I always win! I definitely have the loudest voice in the house and I like to use it at times, so be ready for that if you decide to let me join your family. My carers leave boxes filled with treats in my cage as a foraging puzzle. So far I haven’t shown much interest in trying, but maybe if you show me how, I’ll take your lead. I come with my own cage and I’m a very devoted boy who would be perfect for the right lady. I’ve got so much love to give and I just need the right family to give me a chance. Could it be you?

Comes with cage? Yes

Location: Wiltshire

2 Comments on “Oscar (Orange Wing Amazon) – 970515

  1. Please can I ve considered as a new owner, if Oscar still needs a special lady. Thank you.

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