Eddy the brown headed parrot – C64

How to apply

Name: Eddy

Species: Brown Headed Parrot

Reference No: C64

Summary: Hello my name is Eddie. I am a male Brown Headed Parrot and I am around 10 years old.

I am looking for a kind person/people to give me a loving home. Currently I am staying with my safehouse carer and I share the house with other birds. We are in separate cages but we like to chat to each other across the room. I am very sweet and have a very gentle nature. The only person I have ever not taken to was a baby, so you would need to keep an eye on me around very young babies / children and not let them have close contact with me. I love to come out of my cage and perch on your shoulder while you walk around the house, or if you are just watching television. I will happily step up onto your arm/hand. I like to have head scratches and generally love attention. Nothing really worries me except I am a little nervous when it comes to bath time. However, I am ok if you gently spray warm water on me and am happy for you to do this while I am out of my cage. My safehouse carer is helping me to overcome my fear of bathing so it shouldn’t be long until I start to enjoy bath time. I am a relatively quiet parrot, in fact my carer says I am the least noisy of all the birds in my safehouse. I come with my own cage which is in very good condition and I also have my own toys. I will need a few days to settle into my new home but it won’t be long before I am out of my cage and exploring my exciting new environment. My outgoing loving nature will make me a great companion for someone. So, could you be my new owner(s)? I can’t wait to meet you.

Comes with cage? Yes

Location: London

9 Comments on “Eddy the brown headed parrot – C64

  1. Eddy looks like a lovely little bird. I spoke with one of your team from west sussex, before your website was being redesigned, you were going to arrange a visit, but didn’t get in touch for some reason? Love the new website.

      • I’m already a member so you should have my details but: Martin Davies, Cockhill, Trowle Common.

      • Hiya Caroline. Who is North Lanarkshire. I also had a call. With regs to Charlie
        .Still no home visit? I live in Scotland .

        Many Thanks

        Will Fleming

    • Eddy has found his forever home, however we have new birds coming in all the time, so do put in a general application and we can keep an eye out for you.

      • Hi Caroline, I’v already put in a general application

    • Hi if you go to the Rehoming section the application form is available from there

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