Rani the Snuggly Conure

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Rani is a tiny green cheek conure, but what she is missing in stature, she makes up for in personality. It is not polite to ask an old lady her age, but we have it on good authority she is approximately 18. Fun fact: Rani is a Hindi word for Queen and she lives up to her  name, expecting to be centre of attention and ruling the roost at all times. Rani was sadly handed into birdline when her owner’s decline in health meant she was no longer able to look after her.  Rani is now settled into a new forever home with her Birdline Foster-carer.  She has a happy life snuggling into her Foster mum’s neck or up her sleeve, playing with balls and shouting at the squirrels outside.  However, her long term medical needs mean that she still needs your support.

Unfortunately Rani came to birdline with severe health problems. She has scissor beak, which is a misalignment of the upper and lower jaws. Damage to the growth plate means that her upper beak is also badly scarred and regularly breaks. These problems were more than likely caused by an injury to the beak at a young age. The deformity means that without proper vet care Rani’s beak can become very overgrown leading to difficulty eating and if left unchecked to much more severe problems.

When Rani came into birdline she was struggling to eat and severely malnourished – weighing in at only 46g (typical weight for a gcc is 60-70g). Her poor body condition led to a lowered immune system and she also had a nasty bacterial infection which required several doses of anti-fungals and antibiotics. Rani was also in significant pain and would scream and scream, especially when trying to pass droppings. After several visits to the vet it was decided that it was necessary to give her an xray under anaesthetic to ensure she wasn’t egg bound. This was not a decision to be taken lightly, especially considering her overall poor health. Fortunately she came through fine and it was determined that egg laying in poor condition caused soft tissue damage. With pain killers, better nutrition, vitamin supplements and time she has recovered. However, considering her tiny stature there is a risk that the same thing could happen again in the future.

The cost of Rani’s vetinary care to date has come to over £1000 and she will continue to need bi-monthly visits to trim her beak. She is a real trooper and takes these visits in her stride. Thanks to Birdline’s commitment and support, over the past year Rani’s feather condition and general health has improved. She has also gained confidence and her cheeky personality has started to shine.

Can you help Rani to continue to live life to the full? If you would like to send her a gift she particularly likes air flow balls and other foot toys and cashew nuts ! If you would like to sponsor Rani, she would love to stay in touch on her secret page which she only shares with her special sponsorship friends.