Sid – African Grey – 570417

:Hello my name is Sid, I am not sure on my age as this information was not passed onto my safehouse mummy and daddy but the vet thinks I am quite young (maybe 5). I am a friendly Congo African Grey, who loves my safehouse daddy so much, I love to stay with him on his shoulder and have a wander around the house and give lots of kisses, (I don’t like to stay on my cage once I know my surroundings). I do tolerate my safehouse mummy but have had a little bite in the past of her hand. I have had children around me in my safehouse but I find these a little scary and they make me uneasy with all their noise so I keep my distance.

I am still unsure of all my surroundings and get rather loud (like all African greys) when I get cross or agitated, my safehouse daddy has to give me a short time out with my blanket over my cage, (I find this comforts me) I like to talk when I think no one is listening and I do have a wide variety of words (some naughty) and sounds that I enjoy using to communicate. I love listening to music and having a good dance. I am picky with my food but I do like a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables daily.
I think I would really love to come and live with a nice couple who have experience with birds and who are confident in handling birds. I am just looking for that second chance to find that special man that will love me.

Cage: Yes

Location: Nottinghamshire

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  1. Hi. We are looking at welcoming a new member to our family. I have alot of spare time to provide him with what he deserves. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Brandon, thanks for your feedback. Do please go to the Rehoming section to apply for a bird. You don’t have to say which one.

  2. I’d like to give did a forever home. My girlfriend has a grey called Jack that loves no one but me but my girl friend want to keep him so I’m looking for one at home. I have a Roselle parrot named Merlin but always wanted an African grey . I’m used to having birds and have done for a few years now and would love to give sid a good home and make him happy. Please please consider me for his forever home. Thanks

    • Hi David, thanks for your feedback. Do please go to the Rehoming section to apply for him.

    • I forgot to put that before anyone rings me can you message me first to let me know when you will ring me and if possible supply the number you will be calling from as I don’t answer to numbers I don’t know. Sorry but I’m fed up of claim company’s cold calling. Hope to here from someone soon and really looking forward to looking after a new friend.

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