Sid (Lesser Sulphur crested Cockatoo) 9711012

Hi my  name is Sid which I will tell you in a very quiet way.

I am a lovely boy and not very noisy but as with all us Cockatoos,  I will have a little shout sometimes. A boys got to do what a boys got to do. I come with a cage and toys but will destroy any toys just for fun, have to keep myself busy you know. I love a cardboard box and some paper to tear up and wreck. I am not a fussy eater but I do make a mess just so you know I am there. I have to keep my safehouse dad on his toes. Like most birds, I  love the sound of the vacuum cleaner, and when my safehouse dad is  cleaning my cage, I  will get hold of whatever my safehouse dad is using  and chew it. I love my seed and fruit and always eat my greens. I love my scrambled egg and toast.

Please help me find a forever home. I really would love to settle down and have a dad to call my own.

Comes with cage? Yes

Location: Wales

11 Comments on “Sid (Lesser Sulphur crested Cockatoo) 9711012

  1. You are so beautiful and would fit my little family so well!!! I would happily drive the 140 miles to give you your forever home! 07943230448 please get in touch! X

    • Hi Victoria, please join us as a member and fill in the rehoming application form so you can be put into the system.

  2. Where are you in Wales Sid? I would love to give you a forever home, you can shout as much as you like! Unfortunately I am in Lancashire, I could get to North Wales at a push……..

    • Sometimes we can help out with transport so still worth putting in an application and discussing it with Rehoming

  3. Would sid be able to share a home with a female cockatiel not in the same cage of course, how is he with other birds ?

  4. Hi please could I adopt the bird 🐦 he’s gorgeous
    I can pick up anytime I drive and home all day thank you

  5. Hi would like to know how he is with others birds and dogs, I already have a Quaker who is very tame. Can I meet him prior to applying to adopt? Many thanks helen

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