Thomas (Blue Fronted Amazon) – S32 (Applications Closed)

Name: Thomas

Species: Blue Fronted Amazon

Reference No: S32

Summary: Hello my name is Thomas and I’m a blue fronted Amazon. I’m over 30 and can be a bit of a grumpy old man, but I appear to be healthy, in fine feather, and still coming out with phrases that my Safehouse Mum hasn’t heard before…I don’t swear either!

I’m quite quiet for an Amazon, but will have a shout if I can hear people having a good time (especially mealtimes) as I like to be included. I’m actually a sociable bird, but I don’t like to be touched, although I will accept a head rub when I’ve got to know you. I don’t like hands and arms and won’t step up, but safehouse Mum and I have worked out ways around this. I am getting more and more adventurous, but although I try to fly, I can’t gain height and need assistance back to my cage. Men are OK, but I’d prefer a woman as primary carer. I’m ok to be left for periods, and dogs are OK. I like children to sing and dance with me, but they must understand they shouldn’t touch me. I’ll share your attention with a dog, but not with another bird. Safehouse Mum has bought me a cage, which she says can come with me because she thinks the cage shape is the one that’s best for me, and my tray (which I play on and feed from). I think I would be happiest with experienced and confident fosterers who will continue to work with me, because although I’ve come on really well, I think I could come further still. A home without young children would probably be best though as I am still unpredictable sometime.

Comes with cage? Yes

Location: Sussex