Yorka (Blue & Gold Macaw) – 1513

Name: Yorka

Species: Blue & Gold Macaw

Reference No: 1513

Summary: I’m Yorka a beautiful Blue & Gold Macaw looking for a forever home.

I love coming out of my cage, playing and looking around – oh and getting into mischief. I do prefer men but will tolerate women especially when there are no men around. I eat a seed diet with fruit and veg, and I do like nuts but in moderation. I think I would fit well into a family and I have been into the local school to meet the children and I did enjoy talking away to them. When I’m playing I can nip if I get over excited so they couldn’t touch me, but I seemed to enjoy their company. I am also fine with cats & dogs as long as they keep their distance. I do talk and I come with my own large cage so do you have room in your home and heart for me?

Comes with cage? Yes

Location: Somerset

16 Comments on “Yorka (Blue & Gold Macaw) – 1513

      • hi whene i click apply it goes back to house number and says please enter opner url i have tride this but keeps saying the same thing can you please check new web page

      • it is ok i have dun it but could not put any house number in it is 33

  1. Hi, we would love to be able to adopt Yorka. Normally we would not be able to afford such a bird. We would give Yorka a lovely home and love to spend lots of time with him! We already have some parakeets and much experience looking after birds. 🙂

    • Do apply, Yorka is proving very popular so the process will take a while as we have a lot of people to contact.

  2. Hi .. i would like to adopt this sort of bird, can i get information on what to do for adoption?!

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