Corky & Floyd – Orange Winged Amazons – 4700613 & 4710613 – Special Case – Companion birds

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Orange Winged
Comes With Cage: No
Country: Wales


Hello, my name is Floyd I am the handsome boy with one foot, but don’t be fooled I get around just fine. My friend Corky only has one eye and whilst he is handsome too, I am a bit bigger than him so I am a little bit more handsome hee hee hee !

Corky loves to stay by my side all day long, wherever I go in my cage Corky follows me. We love too to preen each other every day got to keep ourselves looking good. We love having a daily shower spray via a bottle. We both really enjoy our food but cook our veg as we are not too keen on it raw.

We love to play with our toys wood, but paper is our favourite. We love to be spoken too and will chatter back, we also love being out of our cage but don\’t have us too close to your walls or we will strip the wallpaper off as our safehouse mum soon learnt.

I Floyd am very well trained my safehouse mum or dad will say “come on then boys it is time for bed” and in I go and Corky follows. We are very easy to care for as we have each other for company. We do both prefer men but relate to all sexes and children. I Floyd will step up on your arm and will stay with you until I have had enough and will then fly off.

If you feel you have space in your heart and home for both of us then please apply, we really do need somewhere where we can call our home.

Lots of love, Floyd & Corky

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Amazon – Orange Winged

Comes With Cage