Georgie – Citron Crested x Galah Cockatoo Crossbreed – 060620

Requirements: Male carer with experience of cockatoos.

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Citron Crested, Cockatoo - Galah
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Hampshire
City/Town: _


Hi my name is Georgie I am a beautiful and rare cockatoo, I’m crossed between a Galah and a Citron crested cockaoo, hence my stunning colours.

I am 4 years old and was handed into Birdline because I am very noisy. I am a very demanding cockatoo, and I like to be the boss. When I don’t get my own way I will fly, attack and bite. I am therefore looking for a home that is experienced with cockatoos. I need someone who can give me the time and attention, routine and structure I need and will be consistent in saying NO, so that I don’t get too big for my boots.

I am a bird with a massive personality. I will step up to come out and go back into my cage and I love cuddles and sometimes kisses and tickles. My favourite thing is to go in the shower, and I will dance and sing while in there. I am good at eating my seed and pellets but I’m not keen on fruit and veg. My safe house family give it to me everyday anyway and I show them what I think of it, by throwing it onto the floor! My cage is a lovely size and I have lots of toys in it to keep me occupied – I am very clever and can unscrew the clip that they hang from and chuck them around! I go to bed about 9pm and when it’s close to that time I will say ”goodnight Georgie, bedtime” until I am covered up. I like to get a full 12 hours beauty sleep, or I’m a little grumpy in the morning.
My safe house family love me, but I am a little bit too boisterous and loud for them. I want attention all the time and when I get over excited or jealous, I will bite them. I love my safe house dad the most and want to be with him all the time. When he goes to work, I ask him where he is going and let out a very loud scream when he leaves. As soon as my safe house dad comes in the gate. I make lots of noise until he says hello to me. I will then ask him constantly for a shower and we dance together and make DJ scratching sounds. But if I don’t get my own way I will bite him too. I am pretty quiet in the day when I am home with my safe house mum and I talk to her and even let her feed me and clean my cage. But I only tolerate her and the children, and I’d prefer not to share Dad with these other humans.

So how about it, are you experienced with cockatoos? Could you give me the tough love I need? I am very clever and with time, and training I promise I could be more patient and better behaved.

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Cockatoo – Citron Crested, Cockatoo – Galah

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