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Monty was handed into Birdline due to being a mutilator and an aggressive bird. He was 1 years old.

After visiting an avian vet they found that Monty had Arthritis in his feet. Monty was ripping his feet to bits because of pain.

Monty is now on lifetime painkillers and suffers relapses. This means he has to visit a vet and have his medication reviewed and has to go under anaesthetic once a year for a blood test to make sure the medication is not damaging his internal organs.

When he is mutilating, his mum has to watch him 24/7 to make sure he doesn’t bleed out.  The least we can do to support her is to help with his vet bills. The worry, lack of sleep and sheer anguish at seeing your bird in pain, we can never repay her for.

Monty’s birthday is 02/07/2016 if you would like to send him a gift via head office. He particularly likes chewing things and likes to be distracted from his pain.

Warning: The images below are somewhat distressing but part of life for Monty. The first photo shows his bandaged feet and the second his carrier after the latest episode.