Incoming Bird Evaluation

If you would like to rehome your bird with Birdline please submit the following form, filling in as much detail as you possibly can. We specialize in rehoming and rehabilitating birds who need experienced homes, and who will struggle to be placed elsewhere. So please be honest – we need to know, the good, the bad and the ugly !

The form is quite long, so we suggest you have a quick read through first and have all the information you need (including photos of your bird), before you start to fill it in.

Approximate would be helpful if exact date is unknown
Write none / or unknown if you do not have the details
Write none / or unknown if you do not have the details
If you have more than one bird to be re homed, please state whether they are a bonded couple and must stay together, or whether they would be happy to go to separate homes.
Please note anything you think may be useful
Does the bird have any injuries or illnesses? Is the bird receiving ongoing treatment. Please provide details of any vets who have records.
Does the bird step up onto a hand/ perch? If the bird will not step-up onto a hand or a perch, how do you handle the bird when removing or returning it to it’s cage?
Does the bird pluck - if so how serious. Has the bird exhibited any aggressive behaviour - e.g. biting, flying to attack etc.
Describe wake up time, meal times, interaction and bedtime.
Is the bird happy playing in its cage if the foster carer works? How many hours a day do you think the bird can spend home alone each day?
Please describe type, size, colour, condition and suitability for the bird.
Please describe
E.g. working hours of foster home, men, women, children, pets.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Please upload one or more good quality image(s) of the bird and it’s cage and other equipment.