The Ark is Full

Birdline is a highly popular charity and we have rehomed over 5000 birds in 20 years. However, we have been inundated with birds being handed in for Rehoming. Conversely, due to the current pandemic situation we have been unable to undertake a sufficent number of homechecks and therefore have a backlog of birds waiting for new homes.

As of 20th September 2020 we have closed our waiting list to new birds and will only take emergency cases until our backlog has been reduced. If your bird is already on the waiting list we will honour this and let you know when a safehouse place becomes available. This situation will be reviewed in two months.

Please make sure you research who you are handing your bird over to. Some so called Rescues claim to keep your donated bird in a lifelong foster and remain in the rescue when they are selling them.

Other rescue charities you may wish to approach are

Problem Parrots
The Cockatoo Sanctuary

For help with all existing Birdline birds, please contact us as usual.