The Ark is Full

Birdline is a highly popular charity and we have rehomed over 5000 birds in 20 years. However, we have been inundated with birds being handed in for Rehoming.

Due to the Covid Crisis our ability to undertake new homechecks has been severely curtailed. Until, we can create more capacity we have closed our waiting list and are only taking in birds on an emergency basis, i.e. those whose welfare needs are not being met and are at risk or in critical condition.

Please make sure you research who you are handing your bird over to. Some so called Rescues claim to keep your donated bird in a lifelong foster and remain in the rescue when they are selling them.

For help with all existing Birdline birds, please contact us as usual.

Leaving your bird(s) in our care

Have you put a contingency in place for your birds and how to cope with them in the coming years? Let’s face it, given the lifespan of many exotic birds, it is possible that yours may outlive you. Planning for their long term care is essential for their sake and yours.

We maintain a register of birds who will come to us and remain safely in our hands on the event of their owners passing. So if you do not have friends or family who would care for your bird(s) after you have gone, then please do talk to us about your future plans. We will then send you a form which you can fill in, so that you can tell us all about your bird(s), their health, likes, dislikes and habits etc. Alternatively, you can fill in an online form.

You should also let your solicitor know to make a provision for this in your will and it is a good idea to let friends and family know your intentions, and provide them with Birdline’s contact details so that we can arrange collection of your bird at the appropriate time. Please download our guide to bequests.

We also have a very simple sheet you can download and fill in to keep near your bird(s) cage in case of emergencies, with your bird(s) basic care details on them, along with our contact details.