Rehoming Application Form

  1. Only members may apply for a bird. As a member, you have been given access to this page for one month. The password changes on the first of the month.
  2. Please read all the information on our Rehoming Information Page before you begin.
  3. Please complete only one application at a time. Multiple applications will be discarded. Once you have been informed of the result of your first application from one of our re-homing team, you may then apply for another bird, or we may, depending on your circumstances, suggest a more suitable bird.
  4. We only operate in England, Scotland and Wales. Birds being re-homed or safe housed must stay in one of these three countries.
  5. Before submitting your application, you may wish to mark the address as this is where your confirmation email will come from.
  6. Please be patient whilst your application is processed. We are all volunteers working in our spare time, some birds receive multiple applications, and as such may not be able to respond immediately.

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