Support Birdline

Birdline could not exist without our members, patrons and donors. There are a number of ways you can help us, including: becoming a member, donating to our various fundraising pots, sponsoring a bird and leaving us a gift in your will. Every donation, whether it is small or large helps to improve the life of a bird. We thank you for your support.

  1. Vets Fees

    When Birdline takes a bird into its care, we promise to do everything we can to ensure it has a happy, healthy life. Sadly, many birds come into the charity with injuries, in poor health or with uninsurable long term conditions, which require vet care. Every year the biggest costs Birdline faces are for vets bills. Please help us to help a bird in need by supporting our vet fee fund.
    £11,131.22 + £1,191.24 Gift Aid donated
  2. Fundraising

    Do you want to help Birdline birds by doing some fundraising? Some of our members like to help raise funds by selling things, holding auctions or raffles to get donations for the birds. Pay here if you have purchased anything from the above list for fundraising held by our members. Thank you for your kind donations.

    £2,841.50 + £88.75 Gift Aid donated
  3. Cage Fund

    We would love to see birds outside roaming round like they were created to do. Unfortunately. that is just not possible for birds bred in captivity, as they don’t know how to survive in the wild. No bird should be shut in a cage and not allowed time out, however Parrots do find safety and comfort in their cages. Could you help to provide a bird a new home to call their very own?

    £831.00 + £92.50 Gift Aid donated
  4. Nuts about birds?

    Are you as nuts about birds as we are? If so, perhaps you would like to help a parrot get the care, equipment and medical attention which they need (we provide the TLC for free).

    £6,320.00 + £424.00 Gift Aid donated

Sponsor a Bird

You may also wish to give a one time or regular donation to one of our special needs birds. To find out about these birds click here.