About Us

Birdline Parrot Rescue is a registered charity and operates across England, Scotland and Wales. Since the charity was formed in the 1980s, we’ve rehomed thousands of parrots. We also work to raise standards in parrot care through education at events and through resources such as the Birdline website.

As parrots live for such a long time, they remain in the ownership of Birdline for life. This gives the much-needed reassurance that if a foster family’s circumstances change Birdline will step in to give support and if necessary re-home the bird once again.

Who are we?

Birdline is run entirely on a voluntary basis and a dedicated team of people give their valuable time to ensure safe and happy lives are provided for every Birdline bird.

We have a board of non-executive Directors / Trustees, who are supported by a team of admin volunteers such as the Secretary to the Board of Directors and IT Support.

Area Managers are responsible for specific areas and they lead teams of Area-Coordinators to help caring for the birds and looking after our member’s needs. We also have a dedicated Rehoming team who work under the Rehoming Director and an Events team.

Find out more about our team here.

Identifying Birdline Volunteers

Unfortunately, we have had instances of people claiming to be Birdline volunteers, who have never been, or who are no longer, involved with the organisation.

Be sure that when you donate your hard-earned money or give your bird away, that it is going to the place you intended. Public facing Birdline volunteers all have navy blue polo shirts with an embroidered bird on the front and Birdline Parrot Rescue emblazoned on the back. In addition we will shortly be introducing ID cards for volunteers, so you can be sure the person your meeting with is one of our volunteers.

How is the charity funded?

The charity is entirely self-funded. The backbone of our funds comes from the annual membership scheme and donations. We also help to fund our activities by charging a small admin fees for our services, such as homechecks and fostering and by attending events with some of our birds.

We do not have staff or pay volunteers for their services and follow the Charity Commission’s guidance with regards to reimbursing the financial costs our volunteers incur whilst undertaking services for Birdline.

We have our accounts professionally examined each year and these along with our annual report can be viewed on the Charity Commission’s website.

We are proud to be sponsored by Exotic Direct