Looking after an exotic bird is a privilege and a responsibility that we at Birdline do not take lightly. If, like us, you believe that exotic birds should be provided with the care and enrichment they need to live a happy and healthy life, then a gift to Birdline means that you can make a long term difference to birds in need.

We believe every companion and aviary bird should live a life free from cruelty and neglect, with the care, space and enrichment they deserve to enjoy their lives to the full. Our volunteers work tirelessly to uphold that belief. A gift in your Will helps us to do what we do best – protect birds and provide them a safe place to land.

Here are a few more reasons we feel it’s worth considering Birdline when making a Will.

  • Birdline is the longest serving exotic bird rescue in the UK.
  • We are a not for profit and entirely volunteer run organisation, every penny raised is ploughed back into the organisation.
  • Every year our largest expense accounting for over 50% of outgoings is for vet bills.
  • Birds can outlive more than one generation of family, and Birdline guarantees to care for the bird, for its entire life.

Birdline picks up the pieces when no one else can or will. But in order to continue our work we need funding. By deciding to remember Birdline in your Will, you will help Birdline’s volunteers to care for birds in need and help us to plan and develop longer term projects and to adapt to new challenges, which, we as an organisation may face.

We have a handy guide to leaving Birdline a gift which you can download.

Leaving your bird(s) in our care

We also maintain a register of birds that will come to us and remain safely in our hands on the event of their owners passing. Please click here for more information.