Safehousing Terms & Conditions

This page sets out the main terms and conditions under which the Owner [Birdline U.K. Ltd.] makes an agreement with a Safehouse carer to provide Safehouse [temporary care] to a Birdline bird and its progeny (if any).

This document is for reference purposes only and is provided here so that prospective Safehouses may understand the obligations they will be agreeing to. Please ensure you read the actual Safehouse contract prior to signing, as it is subject to change from time to time.

Last updated – June 2022

Safehousing a Birdline Bird – Terms and Conditions

The Owner is entitled to make amendments to this contract by way of 14 days written notice to the Safehouse carer.


In this Contract the terms have the meanings set against them:

a) “the Bird(s) means the Bird(s) safehoused to the person herein named, and item number Birdline Ref.

b) “the Property” means the items which have been included in the Safehouse programme as described in item 4 of the particulars that belong to item number Birdline Ref.

c) “the Permitted Use” means the use described in item 5 of the particulars.

d) “the owner” means the charity Birdline UK Ltd or its authorised representatives.

e) “Safehouse” or “Safehouse carer” means the person that shall be contracted to care for this bird(s) but not to at any point own the bird(s).


  1. I understand that the bird(s) (including any and all progeny) are the property of the owner, and will remain so for the rest of their natural life. If for any reason, I am unable to keep the bird(s), I will immediately notify the owner and arrange to return the bird(s). I agree not to pass the bird(s) to anyone else without the prior approval of the owner.
  2. I understand that as the bird(s) are the property of Birdline UK LTD., permission from the owner must be granted in in order to microchip the bird(s). The microchip must be put in the owner’s name, that being Birdline UK LTD. Any existing microchip will also have been put in the owner’s name.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Safehouse carer to purchase and keep the dietary requirements of the bird as laid out by the owner.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Safehouse carer to view all information pertaining to health/welfare/husbandry and any other additional information about the bird(s) made available by the owner on the website.
  5. I will provide the bird(s) with fresh water, food, toys, perches, supplements and a clean, well ventilated and light living space.
  6. I will provide an owner approved bird carrier of suitable size and bar spacing for the bird(s). Cat carriers are not approved.
  7. I will immediately notify the Area Coordinator or Rescue Manager should the bird(s) show any signs of illness and if necessary, will take the bird(s) to the owner’s recommended qualified avian veterinarian for a complete examination. I will not authorize any treatment or for the bird(s) to be euthanized without the owner’s permission.
  8. I will upon request, release any or all information relating to treatment of the bird(s) and/or post-mortem results and findings from a qualified Avian Vet to the owner or their representatives.
  9. I will notify the owner if I intend to move house/accommodation or change my telephone number or email address and ensure the new details are given to the owner. Birds are not to be moved out of the UK.
  10. I will endeavour to attend any training sessions that Birdline invite me to.
  11. I understand that birds are highly intelligent and need regular interaction, constant care and patience. I agree to give the bird(s) all the attention, affection, interaction and mental stimulation they will need and treat them like a member of my family.
  12. I understand that bird(s) may need time to adjust to their new environment and agree to work with them to safely assist this adjustment.
  13. I understand that questions or concerns will arise as to the proper care and behaviour of the bird(s), and I agree to contact the owner with these questions/concerns. I agree that it is in the best interest of the bird(s) to ask rather than to guess.
  14. If advised by the owner that the bird(s) wings need to be kept clipped, I will only use an owner approved wing clipper.
  15. I will keep the bird(s) in a smoke-free environment and will not put the bird(s) in harm’s way by mixing fur and feathers.
  16. In the interest of the bird(s), to permit the owner or its agents to inspect said bird(s) and their health and living environment, on giving reasonable notice and presenting a written authority from the owner or representative of the owner.
  17. I understand that the bird(s) and the property supplied (if any is supplied) belong to the owner.
  18. Payment of Membership
    1. a) To pay the annual membership on the day and in the manner stated within the website without any deduction whatsoever.
    2. If at any time the membership payment is twenty-eight days in arrears (whether formally demanded or not) the owner has the right to enter the Safehouse premises for the return of the bird(s) and/or property.
    3. I understand that my membership of Birdline UK Ltd is a condition of my safehousing this/these bird(s) and I agree to renew this annually.
  19. If at any time, it becomes the opinion of the owners that these conditions are not being met, I understand that the owner or their representative may reclaim this/these bird(s) irrespective of any donation or other expenditures that I have incurred or made.
  20. I understand that this is a legal and binding contract, and that the owner may terminate my right to Safehouse the bird(s) in mypossession and that, by virtue of the Safehouse relationship, I do not and cannot obtain any right, title, or interest in the bird(s) or the property.
  21. I understand that failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this agreement may constitute grounds for demanding the return of the bird(s) and the property.
  22. I understand that reasons for demanding return are not restricted to any such breach of terms and conditions; that being within the discretion of the owner or their representative.
  23. I will return the bird(s) and the property within 24 hours upon oral or written demand by the owner. I understand that, upon oral or written demand, should I fail to return the bird(s) and the property, my actions constitute a theft and will result in criminal and / or civil action being taken against me.
  24. I will be responsible for any and all expenses associated with the result of my failure to return the bird(s) and / or the property, including legal fees associated with obtaining the return of the bird(s) and / or the property.
  25. I understand that in the event of my failure to comply with any part of this agreement, the owner may be caused concern over the safety and welfare of the bird(s) and may request that an inspector or a police constable effect entry (by force if necessary) into premises to seize the bird(s) in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
  26. Except as set forth above, the owner makes no representations, warranties or guarantees, and assumes no liability for health, age, temperament (including the capacity to bite), behaviour, talking ability or condition of any bird(s) available for placement. I the Safehouse carer, agree that all information that is available for the bird(s) has been given to myself and that by signing this agreement. The owner shall not be responsible to the Safehouse for any injury suffered or damage to or loss of any chattel caused by the bird(s).
  27. The Safehouse carer must not use the bird(s) for any business or commercial activity, without prior consent of the owner. This includes, but is not limited to, using photographs of the bird(s), selling feathers, and attending fee paying events with the bird(s).
  28. I will not, by any action or deed either spoken, or written, suggested or by any other means, bring the owner into disrepute. Nor will I make or cause to be made any entry on any social networking media, relating to the owner, its members, its staff or its property, including any bird(s) that may be seen as to bring the owner into disrepute.
  29. I understand that any bird(s) can only be authorised to be fostered by the Rehoming Director of Birdline UK LTD and foster agreements are only valid if signed by the Rehoming Director.
  30. This document must be co-signed by an agent of the owner. The agent must not be related to or in an interpersonal or professional relationship with the Safehouse. No Person may sign as both the agent and the Safehouse, otherwise it will deem the Safehouse Agreement invalid.