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Northern Parrots

Northern Parrots have a massive range for parrots, including cages, food, toys, lights… Not always the cheapest, but not expensive either, excellent customer service and next day delivery.

Scarlett’s Parrot Essentials

Scarlett stocks a huge range of cages, food, toys, cleaning products, avian lights… She is usually the cheapest on the internet and has a reputation for excellent customer service and next day delivery.

Click here to visit this site is a new advanced global geographical lost, stolen and found parrot reporting and alerting site. Parrotalert utilises mapping technology to help you report the precise lost or stolen location of your feathered friend and alerts a registered community within an area of your lost/stolen location. allows you to spend less time on-line and more time out looking for your feathered friend.

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Exotic Direct Insurance

Exotic Direct offer special rates to Birdline members for not only their fostered Birdline birds, but also any personal birds you have.

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Dietec UK

We supply a comprehensive selection of top quality bird foods and associated bird keeping equipment and accessories for a wide variety of cage and aviary birds from parakeets, budgies, canaries and finches to conures, parrots, cockatoos and macaws. The products we stock are obtained from many of the world’s leading cage and aviary bird food and accessories manufactures.

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Trafalgar Marine Services

Natural fibre ropes suitable for making parrot toys. £5.00 discount to members on coils of sisal 10mm for 2009! We have been selling our fenders, rope and other accessories online since 2005 with over a thousand orders shipped. Trafalgar Marine Services aims to provide quality products and service at competitive prices.

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Tidimix Diets

Our diets are different from conventional mixes in many ways, The primary differences are that we use hulled ingredients (except safflower seed in theparrot & parakeet diets & canary seed in the budgie diet) We source fit for human consumption ingredients for all our diets from the main importers to the health food trade.

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