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Who do I contact?

Always work from the bottom up. Your Area Coordinator is your first port of call, who can then escalate to Managers if necessary. Managers can call on the Director for their area for support. This way the workload is evenly spread.

If your area is not represented by an ACO, could you volunteer to recruit and run safehouses near you? Have a bit of time spare to make phone calls or do online admin? Do contact your Area Manager or the Rehoming Director if you would like to pitch in.


Area of Responsibility



Melinda Laws Rehoming, IT, Director – England, Scotland and Wales / Internal databases
Melinda Laws Rescue Director Wales and the North – Problem Parrots Coordinator
Traci Kirkland Rescue Director – Scotland / Internal databases
Suzanne Connett Rescue Director – England West and Cornwall / Shows and Events
Tracey Elphick Rescue Director – England East and Central / Enquiry2 Emails
Claire Longworth General Secretary, GDPR, Governance, Policies, Meetings, Merchandising and Marketing, Social Media


Caroline Mabbs Website, Membership and Bird Records, Social Media
Fulton, Helen Rescue Manager – Glasgow
Angie Allan Rescue Manager – Dumfries, Ayrshire & Carlisle
Jay Reich Rescue Manager – Hampshire Berkshire and Surrey
Melinda Laws Rescue Manager – Wales
Suzanne Connett Rescue Manager – England South West
Caroline Mabbs Rescue Manager – England South East
Tracey Elphick Rescue Manager – England South Central
Steve Jones Rescue Manager North
Michelle Widjaew Rescue Manager North
Area Coordinators and Helpers

England North

Shell Widjaew Problem Parrots – Birdline North
Steve Jones Problem Parrots – Birdline North
Philip Flude Nottingham
England Central/South West
Derek Bridges Oxfordshire
Vanessa Davies Suffolk, Norfolk, Ipswich
Sonia Norman Peterborough, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire
Wendy Jones Northampton
England South East & Central
Charlotte Riley North Kent, East Kent shows
Caroline Mabbs South and East Kent
Debra Brinklow West Kent
Tracey Elphick  Sussex
Rebecca Carter West Sussex
Victoria Whitfield Essex
England South West
John Tolliday Somerset, Finances – accounts, vet bills.
Nicholas Spiller Dorset
Jayne Agg Gloucester West
Olivia Duncan Plymouth
Carol Davies Lampeter
Elizabeth Hopkins Port Talbot
Colin Heath North Wales
Victoria Ellis Edinburgh & West Lothian
Bronwen Jardine Dumfries
Margaret McFayden Dumfriesshire
Gillian Szafranek Glasgow
Lana-Jane Twiname Dumfries
James McIlhiney Glasgow
Rehoming Team
Victoria Raimes Nationwide
Philip Flude Nationwide
Chris Clark Nationwide
Debbie Askew Website technician – Rehoming
Nikki Bennett Helpline 
Chris Maddex Website technician, Memberships, PayPal.


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