Amber – African Grey – 140820

Requirements: A quiet household, and a male primary carer.




Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Bristol
City/Town: Bristol


Hello, I am Amber, a 5 year old African Grey.

My first owner was a man, but sadly we had to part company and I’m now living in a home with a female primary carer. Right now I am very timid, but when I warm up to you I will show my love by chatting to you and will make you smile and laugh! I’m not loud, but I am very chatty! I enjoy approximating language and have animated conversations with myself. I also whistle, laugh, grunt and give a sassy “Ooohhh!”. When my safe house family wash up I like to make the sound of water droplets and pots bumping.

My favourite thing is to watch what you’re doing from my stand, chatting to myself (and to you!), whistling and playing with my toys. When I come out onto my cage door, I will step up nicely, but please don’t ask me to step up from inside my cage – that flusters me and I may peck you. In fact I’m a little nervous of physical interaction full stop, so please don’t try to cuddle me. I do, however, enjoy sitting in my Safe house Mum’s lap, and I even let her scratch my head occasionally. I can fly, but I’m a bit clumsy when landing.

I currently live with a conure, who I ignore. Occasionally, there is a visitor to my safe house that has four legs; he is apparently called a dog. I’m quite curious about him and will make barking sounds. But he is quite quiet and I think I would be scared if it was more of a boisterous, loud dog.

My safe house mum says I am very clever, fun and easy to care for. I want to find a calm foster home that will let me out each day, without young children, who I find can be a bit unpredictable. I do show a preference towards men, but am well behaved with both genders.

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African Grey

Comes With Cage