Doris – B&G Macaw – 030920

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Macaw - Blue & Gold
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Nottinghamshire
Gender Preference: Male


Hello, my name is Doris but I have just found out that I am a MALE MACAW. I am a stunning Blue and Gold Macaw with a big personality.

I am looking for my forever home now as my both parents have become very busy and are struggling to spend quality time with me. Whoever wants to foster me would need to know about Macaws and will need oodles of patience and love. It will take me time to come out of my shell and feel at home. I would like a home with a daddy preferably, but a mummy and daddy would be ok. I am tolerant of other birds but need to be supervised when around them.

I am very clever, I love my toys and I am very defensive of them, to the point of trying to attack my safehouse mum if she goes to move / remove them. I do not yet understand that I get my toys swapped once a week and will fight to keep them. I will play cute and offer my foot for you to hold, once I have got it, I will try and bite you. I think this is hilarious!

I have a wide vocal range and am VERY noisy. I like to make sure my safehouse parents and kids are up on time by screeching at them. I also screech when new people come to visit. I love a sing and dance with my safehouse mum and will happily dance around on top of my cage. I will chatter happily when the music is on.

I eat everything and anything and currently on mix diet (seeds mix and chop) which I absolutely adore to forage in. I love most fruit and veg and will peel grapes before munching them. I would like my new home to offer me chop too as I look forward to my chop time and get excited when I know it is coming. A quiet home with someone around most of the day would be wonderful.

My new home must understand I am scared, and this will be my third home. I really want to settle down now and look for my forever home. Have you got the time and patience to make me feel at home?

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Macaw – Blue & Gold

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